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If you can't make the meetings and want to go on any specific trip, contact the person indicated for details of meeting time and place, what to bring, etc. Tell the contact person you are coming (either at the meeting or by phone) so they will know how many to expect.  If you find you cannot go, always call the contact person so they will not wait for you and delay everyone else!
Rubber Bottom Boot LL Bean's 
Insulated Rubber Bottom Boot
Note if ordering from LL Bean, be sure the boot has a "lugged rubber sole", not a "chain-link" sole
Winter or Spring Waterproof Boots:
In the Winter you should have boots which are insulated or will fit several pairs of warm socks. In the Winter and Spring a waterproof boot is very helpful. The best is the type of boot with a rubber bottom and leather upper. Originally made by LL Bean (www.LLBean.com) but now made by many manufacturers. The Canadian brand "Sorrel" is very good and available in many stores.  The insulated rubber bottom boot "bugaboot II" or "bugaboot plus" made by Columbia is reasonably priced and available in stores such as Campmor in Paramus, NJ (www.campmor.com/); REI in Carle Place and NYC (www.rei.com/stores/138), Eastern Mountain Sports in Carle Place and NYC (http://www.ems.com); and Dick's in Roosevelt Field (www.dickssportinggoods.com). Also, from the same sources, a slightly higher boot , the North Face Baltaro which is about the same cost as those from LL Bean but is often on sale at a price competitive with the Columbia.  Note that Costco often has reasonably priced rubber bottom boots for sale in season.

Gore-tex hiking boots are also waterproof but not quite as good as rubber bottoms in the winter. Boots with any fabric in them (other than gore-tex or an equivilent) should be avoided in the winter or wet weather - they are fine in the summer, however. If you have a pair of good leather boots, you should apply waterproofing but be prepared to have damp (wet?) feet.
Columbia Bugabootoo
North Face Baltaro
North Face Baltaro

In winter (or any cool weather):

And Always:
Dress warmly but in layers so you can take off one layer and still be protected from the cold. A lighter windbreaker or jacket, combined with several sweaters is preferred to one big, heavy coat.

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